52 eyelands

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52 EYELANDS – A Journey Through the Greek Islands NEW EDITION 2019 This is a “sentimental” guide for travellers, through 52 of the Greek islands. This book has simply been written out of an outrageous love for the islands, to describe of what it feels like to actually “live the island” – even for a week – and to find out what it’s like, from how it looks to how it can be characterized in terms of its deeper essence. I liken this process to getting to know a friend, or perhaps even falling in love. «Sustained throughout 52 eyelands is the voice of a travelling companion who is always careful not to tell you too much, always conscious that travel is about making choices and that since each traveller is different, each has discoveries of their own awaiting them on the islands he knows and loves so well. At last: a no-spoilers guidebook. This could be a thing» Lane Ashfeldt (author of ‘’Saltwater’’) Available through http://www.amazon.com – kindle edition